Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business NEEDS a Website

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business NEEDS a Website

In today’s world, you need an online presence to get the validation. If a customer cannot find you online, they most likely won’t do business with you because they’ll take the next business they do see when they search. So you see the importance of having your business on the Internet. Scroll down to see the top 10 reasons your business needs a site.

1. Building Credibility

When a customer searches for your business online, they’ll most likely look for reviews about your business. This helps them know you are a legitimate business which they can work with. A website helps establish your business and create the credibility you need to remain above your competitors. A customer would most likely not do business with you if they didn’t know a single thing about who you are as a business and what you do.

2. Setting up a website is easy

These days there are so many online website builders, that you can create a website under an hour. This is great for small businesses who don’t want to spend a fortune on building their online presence. Another great thing about building the website yourself is that you can update it immediately.

3. Better Customer Service

With websites, you can provide better customer service. Most customers leave reviews on google or another online space, which you can see. It’s a great place to see what needs to improve in your business. Most customers appreciate it when a business responds to their complaint instead of just leaving the customer with the problem. Also, when you have enough (positive) reviews, you can add them as testimonials on your website!

4. Your Business Is Accessible 24/7

A website is online 24/7. That means customers can buy your products (if you’re selling products) or use your services whenever they want to. They don’t have to wait until you are open for business. Also, if you don’t offer a service or product which they can buy online, they can review them before they make a purchase.

5. They Target Larger Audiences

Your physical business can most likely only reach the customers around you or in your area. When you’re online, you can reach another COUNTRY. It’s such a great way to expand your market. It’s so much quicker than a billboard or handing out posters in the street.

6. Showcase Your Work

A website is the perfect place to show potential customers what you can done and have done for previous customers. If people like what they see, you get another buyer! A great way to do this is by creating a gallery.

7. Beat Your Competition

If your website is better than your competitor’s or is first in Google’s search results, you basically beat them already! You just have to make sure your website is easy to navigate and the information is useful to your potential customer.

8. See How Your Site Is Doing

When your business has a website, you can track everything on it. You can see how many visitors your site has. How many pages they have viewed. How quickly they left your site. I mean EVERYTHING. This can help you determine how good your website is and what changes needs to be made to improve the user’s experience.

9. Better Interaction with Customers

Most websites have a place where customers can fill in a form when they have a query or they can talk to you directly via live chat. This is great for customer satisfaction.

10. Increase Sales

When you constantly drive people to your website, you can increase your sales. More visitors = More Sales. If you constantly update your site or add new content, you will stay relevant and drive people to your website. A great example would be to have a blog on your website. When you share your new blog link, people can go back to your site!


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