Top 5 Sites InfoWeb Uses To Compress Images

Top 5 Sites InfoWeb Uses To Compress Images

At some point in your life you must have heard that big images cause the website or blog to load for a longer time than necessary which in turn causes visitors to leave your site. Within the first 20 seconds, you can lose loads of visitors just because of the loading time. Sometimes it’s even within a 10 second time period. Harsh times, right?

That’s why it’s important when uploading / using images, that you compress them to decrease your site’s loading time. Below we list a few great sites which quickly help with that!


This site quickly compresses your images for you. If you only have a free account, then the largest size a single image can be uploaded is 5MB and you can only upload 20 images at once. It also keeps the quality of your images and that’s so important!

It’s a really good tool which is also free.

This is also an easy to use site. You can choose to add files by clicking on “Choose File” or drag and place the images on the site. They also give you the option to change the compression level as well as the size of the new photo. Really easy!

This online image optimizer site allows you to compress / optimize JPEG as well as PNG files. You can also upload up to 20 images at once.

This image optimizer site has 3 different settings for optimizing a file. Lossy is recommended for most users. Lossless is used when you need to compress an image but it won’t alter a single pixel. This is best for marketing visuals. Then you get Expert, this is where the user can alter the settings themselves. It’s typically for people familiar with image optimization. If you purchase the pro version, you get access to more features which includes image resizing.

You can drag and drop images or you can choose to import it from Google Drive, Dropbox or from Box.

This is a good site. You can optimize images as well as PDF files. This is a great feature because a PDF can be quite large if it wasn’t compressed when saving it! They also add the option to add your website’s URL (if you have one) and receive a free report after analyzing it.

Go check out the link at the bottom for even more compression sites!


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