Why Your Website is More Important Than Your Business Card

The World Wide Web has changed a LOT over the years. These days almost everything is online. Brands are starting to put a lot of attention on their online presence. Engaging with customers on the Internet is very important for a healthy business.

In this topic we wanted to put focus on why your website is more important than your normal business card. Let’s have a look at why we say that…

Pros and Cons of Business Cards


  • It can build trust. When you hand out your business card, the customer can see you are a legitimate person with a business. People usually like to know who they’re doing business with.
  • Quickly exchange details. When you’re in a conversation with a person, a business card can easily be given to them and they’ll instantly have contact details to reach you.
  • It can be cheaper than online marketing. Most small businesses don’t have the budget for large scale marketing. This is where business cards come in. It’s more affordable.
  • They’re always available. With power outages, you still have your business card.


  • It doesn’t reach as many people as a website does. When you hand out business cards or they’re there for the taking, it only reaches those people.
  • Outdated. Cards can’t be quickly updated like a website. You need to redesign the card with the new details, then it needs to be printed and handed out again. People can also still have the older cards and will have the wrong contact details.
  • It’s become common. Many people will ignore a business card because most companies use them. I’d also be exhausted from receiving business cards everywhere I went.
  • It’s not constantly handed out.  When people don’t share the cards it becomes useless. People also tend to throw away cards after receiving them. We’re in an era where Internet is top dog. Many people don’t want a card using up space. Why take a business card when you can check the website on your phone?

Pros and Cons of Websites


  • Reach a wider audience. Websites reach a thousand more people than your average business card.  You can reach people across the globe, not just in your city.
  • Less expensive. Traditional printed media can get expensive. You can print thousands of cards. You only need one website that can be viewed by thousands.
  • More information. A business card only has so much space. A website can share so much more. You can have reviews, photos, services, etc.
  • Analytics. A website allows you to be able to see how many users see your site, how long they stay, what pages they viewed, anything really. With business cards you only see them go to the person you give it to.


  • Electricity. Your website won’t show when you don’t have electricity. Pretty obvious.
  • Technical Issues. Sometimes a website could crash or have some technical lags. A lot of websites are user-friendly so that’s another issue.
  • Bad Reviews. If customers weren’t satisfied with your service, they can give you bad reviews online. A lot of people read reviews before doing business with a company.
  • Updating. A website constantly needs to be updated to stay up to date with trends to keep customers interested.  It’s also important for newer versions of web browsers (compatibility).

So in conclusion, a website is a better fit for the era we live in as well as all the other important factors. We live in a technology driven world. It’s very important to know what’s going on in the world so that your business can thrive.

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